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Glickin is the most advanced garage sale app on the planet. It uses location services to sort sales by proximity in the “By Distance” menu, and shows all the sales at once in the “Map View”. Then you can check them all off as you go while collecting points for posting other people’s sales that you find along the way! Also, every pin is color coded to make it easy to see whether the sale is open, closed or about to start and there’s a Google Nav link to take you straight to your dream sale!

Our free app also makes posting your sale a breeze. It uses your GPS targetted location to pin point the exact location of your sale bypassing the unreliability of city and rural addresses. Also with the quick category tabs and 15 seconds of in app video, posting your sale, just couldn’t be faster or more simple.

For questions or press inquires please email support@glickin.com

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I have been going to yard sales since I can remember. We used to make it our weekend ritual to go for long drives searching for yard sales. Sometimes we would not find many or the weather would not be good, so we would go back home, empty handed. You can imagine my sadness when I would wake up Saturday morning and it would be raining and we would have to cancel our plans. GLICKIN solved that for us! Now I can look up what yard sales are close to us, and when it’s raining, I just check which ones are still open. Plus the map makes it easy to navigate to get to them. Last weekend it was raining and with the Glickin app, I found an amazing piece of Canadian history; a cast iron pan from Sackville

~ John Daigle, Moncton, NB