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Getting started
Is Glickin free?
What are the GLICKIN Terms & Conditions?
I can't find it on the APP Store?
Somehow my Garage Sale is already on the system, how do I make changes to it?
What if someone has falsely claimed my sale?
Where did the name come from?
Why does it say on some ads, that the sale has not been claimed?
Are there garage sales in my city?
Where is the app available?
How many garage sales a year can one person post?
Can I upload photos or videos?
What are the General Items categories to choose from?
Can I sort through Garage Sales for ones that only have certain items?
Can I filter out sales that aren’t open?
What do I do if I find a Garage Sale that isn’t on GLICKIN™?
What if I don’t have a smart phone, can I still use GLICKIN™?
Why doesn’t this work in the US?
Can I share this on Facebook for all of my friends to see?
Are you hiring?
How can I get involved?
Why was my listing removed?
What are the Terms & Conditions?
I am a business, am I allowed to post?
What do the coloured dots mean on the map?
Any suggestions what to do with my left over stuff once my sale is over?
How do I see My Sales online?
I am having trouble with logging in
How can I delete my account?
How do I report a bug?
How do I report a user?
What is the Gallery?