How much does the app cost?

A) GLICKIN™ is completely free and always will be.


If everything is free, what’s in it for GLICKIN™?

A) At the moment, nothing. We have but one desire to become THE place to go for Garage Sales. And anyone who likes Garage Sales, would never pay for an APP! So why fight it? In the future, we will probably show relevant ads in the sales details feed. So if there’s a 50% off sale from your favourite store, you can click on it and everyone wins.


Somehow my Garage Sale is already on the system, how do I make changes to it?

A) On the App - Find your sale under “Find Sales”, yours will be the very first one if you’re at home. Click “Claim this Sale”, and follow the steps.

B) Online – When you’re looking at your sale in the Sales Details page, click the “Claim this Sale” button and follow the steps.


What if someone has falsely claimed my sale?

A) If someone else has falsely claimed your sale, please hit the “Report Ad” button. Then hit “Post” or “POST Sale” to upload your sale yourself, from scratch.


Where did the name come from?

A) We’d like to say that GLICKIN™ means something really cool or heart felt, but the truth is, GLICKIN™ is just a name that came to a guy as he was pondering what to call a Garage Sale App. It’s possible that the “G” is from Garage and the rest just kinda sounded funny. Or maybe it has something to do with a Garage Sale-ing “Chicken” that would cross the road to get to the Garage Sale. Either way, GLICKIN™ means Garage Sales, and that’s all that matters.


Why does it say on some ads, that the sale has not been claimed?

A) When a sale has not been claimed that means that it has been posted by our admin team and the actual owner can claim it an make changes to it. You have to be within 500 meters of the sale in order to claim it but it is really easy and then you can add images, video or whatever else you'd like to do. 


Are there garage sales in my city?

A) GLICKIN™ is currently available everywhere across Canada and we work very hard to scour the countryside for Garage Sales to post for everyone. Depending on the time of year there will hopefully be lots of Garage Sales to choose from, but if not, you can add them yourself by tapping “QUICK Post” or telling your friends and family about this amazing free service. The more people that know about GLICKIN™ the more Garage Sales there will be to choose from.


Where is the app available?

A) GLICKIN™ is available for download on www.glickin.com and on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store

iPHONE - http://ow.ly/ynYn300D3e7
ANDROID - http://ow.ly/AVc6300D3gc


How many garage sales a year can one person post?

A) Our current limit is 1 million sales per year/per user, and unfortunately we will not be able to budge on that, well maybe if you bring us cookies. But seriously, there is no limit to how many Garage Sales that you can post on GLICKIN™. You may however, want to check with your local bylaws for regulations on how many sales you can personally have, three per year is common.


Can I upload photos or videos?

A) Absolutely! You can have up to 4 images and 10 seconds of amazing video to show off your sale! Lets see the goods! No, not that kind, I know what you are thinking.


What are the General Items categories to choose from?

A) The General Items tabs make it easier to post your garage sale. Instead of typing out a lengthy description, just check off all the different categories that you have like tools, clothing or electronics. If you think we are missing an important category, please email us at support@glickin.com


Can I sort through Garage Sales for ones that only have certain items?

A) Yes! While in “FIND Sales”, at the top you will see a magnifying glass. Tap that and then type what you’re looking for. GLICKIN™ will filter out the sales that don’t have your search word/words in them.  Also notice the Filter tab beside search, it can filter out Closed sales.


Can I filter out sales that aren’t open?

A) Yes! Just like searching for keywords, you can click the tornado looking tab (it’s actually a funnel) beside the search tab on the FIND Sales page, then select “OPEN Now”.


What do I do if I find a Garage Sale that isn’t on GLICKIN?

A) On the home screen, click “QUICK Post”. That will allow you to quickly post someone else’s sale. It works best if you’re still at the sale because the address loads automatically.  Then feel free to tell the Garage Sale vendor to go on GLICKIN™ and make any changes or additions to their ad by tapping the “Claim this Sale” button, which will take them to the full post page.


What if I don’t have a smart phone, can I still use GLICKIN?

A) Yes, we have a website too! www.glickin.com. It works a little differently than the mobile app because it’s not mobile, obviously. The way the website works, is you heart your favourite ads (which is the same as the app) but then instead of one garage sale at a time, you draw a route from one Garage Sale to the next. After you have drawn your route and you are happy with it, you can print it off to take with you. The website is more day planning where the app is more one at a time on the fly.


Why doesn’t this work in the US?

A) Actually, GLICKIN™ works anywhere in the world. It’s just that we have only released it for download in Canada. We will release it in other countries soon, but that will require a larger system and a larger team and we don’t want to bite off more than we can chew. So for now let’s stay at home (Canada) and grow at a pace that we can consistently deliver Awesome Sauce.


Can I share this on Facebook for all of my friends to see?

A) Once you have finished posting your Garage Sale, GLICKIN™ encourages Social Sharing as a way to promote your sale even more. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ are all quick links that appear after you post your sale and can be reached at anytime by tapping the share symbol.


Are you hiring?

A) We are always looking for hard working, Garage Sale enthusiasts to join our team. If you would like to be a part in any way, please send your resume to travis@glickin.com


How can I get involved?

A) Do you love GLICKIN™ and want to help get the word out? We have the perfect job for you. Email Travis@glickin.com